Wow. This video is an awesome example of America’s freedom of speech at work in the civic arena. We live in such an incredible nation whereby a young man can stand in front of his local governing authority and tell them to shove it without fear of reprisal.

The First Amendment was designed to protect your right to speak out against your government, and this young man did a fantastic job of getting his point across.

He was taking issue with a female Republican, Kris Murray, on the Anaheim City Council who had put forth a resolution to denounce Donald Trump because of his comments regarding illegal immigration. The young man was having none of it. He stood up and introduced himself as the son of immigrants.

 “I am 24 years old, my parents came here from Mexico in the early 1980s and I am a Trump supporter. I am not offended by Donald Trump’s statements. He has said nothing racist or disparaging about Latinos.”

On that count, the young man is 100% correct. Trump has addresses illegal immigration, and it is not his fault most of them are Latino.

“I am deeply offended by your campaign, since you subscribe to the liberal narrative that minorities need to be cuddled and protected by the government — as if we are incapable of looking out for ourselves, as if we are weak and thin-skinned, as if we are children.”

Finally! Somebody said it! This is the most infuriating aspect of PC-speech and liberal ideology with respect to race and gender. The liberal mindset, whether a person is a Republican like Ms. Murray, or not, is racism, misogyny, and sexism on its face. It is an attitude that all minorities and immigrants are too stupid to do anything beneficial for themselves. It is insulting and those that hold that position should be run out of town on rail.

“Liberals are always full of good motives, but support legislation and policy that harms, not helps, minorities.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Well said, young man!

Source: Conservative Tribune


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