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Perhaps the easiest way to explain the sacrifice made by those who wear the uniform, is to simply view this brief 6-minute video of the Vaughn’s, a ” Gold Star” family who lost their son Aaron Vaughn a NAVY Seal who died 5-years ago, along with 30-other Americans when his helicopter was shot down in the hills of Afghanistan.

Appearing on Fox & Friends “Gold Star” dad Billy Vaughan expressed his profound disappointment with this administration stating: “This administration” and Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “have dishonored” the sacrifice of those who died on the battlefield and “of veterans who have come home, of families.”

Moreover since the death of their son the Vaughan’s have continually pushed forward publicly reminding politicians (and the public), the ultimate sacrifice made by those warriors in keeping America safe.

They recounted meeting with presidential nominee Donald Trump, and sitting with other “Gold Star” families and asking perhaps the next “Commander-in-Chief” to “honor the sacrifice that this administration and the other main presidential candidate have dishonored for the last seven and a half”

Mr. Vaughan continued eloquently expressing himself and reminded the viewers of Bill Clinton’s role and the tragedy of Mogadishu.

Stating; “Remember Mogadishu? Remember, we wanted to — Bill Clinton wanted a small footprint. I was able to speak with Sgt. Matt Eversmann, just a couple of weeks ago, and he went through a lot of what happened, and he remembers Mr. Clinton, and the small footprint, and what it cost Americans. Well, Mrs. Clinton has been there now for nearly 30 years, and it will be a continuation.”

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