It’s quite astounding listening to former Mexican President Vicente Fox lecturing American’s and in particular Trump supporters in how to access the “American Dream,” and aside from is obvious disdain for our political system, this guy actually attempts to justify the epidemic of illegal aliens pouring into America.

What is even more astounding is his apparent lack of accountability as to why a majority of Mexican citizens lack any formal education or marketable skills.

The answerer of course lies in the fact that Mexico has been plagued by decades of political corruption and which no doubt Fox has been a part of.

Sadly Mexico has become a drug invested and violent, third world society, where drug cartels flourish openly and political corruption has become a vital part of the political system.

Trump has simply brought the issue of illegal immigration into stark view, and corrupt and or inept politicians like the former president of Mexico is feeling the heat, as demonstrated within his one plus minute video rant, in which he apparently references Americans as being lazy, beer drinking, who should be more than willing to work for little compensation, much like those coming across the border.

Obviously the real issue for this former corrupt political hack and his cronies is that the financial spigot of corruption pouring in and out of Mexico may finally be cut off under a Trump Administration…and of course that wall will be built!

Do you think this former president should give the American people an apology?

h/t: DC Gazette


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