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It’s no secret that the Veterans’ Administration was mismanaged, even deliberately so, during the past eight years while the men and women who served the nation waited in pain and suffered on spurious lists for care that for too many never came.

After a brave whistleblower brought the shame of it to the attention of the American people and its Congress, as well as President Obama, cocooned and secure in his ignorance in White House, changes were to have been made.

Now, a possible explanation is emerging for the disdain with which the VA treated America’s heroes during the Obama years as holdover staff bristles at the suggestion that President Trump’s official portrait will hang in their offices.

It has been long been the tradition that portraits of the sitting president and vice-president be displayed in federal buildings – courthouses, post offices and government buildings– not only in the U.S. but also around the world.

It is considered especially critical that the portrait of the Commander-in-Chief hang in military installations as a symbol of the chain of command.

The portraits have never been considered an endorsement of the party or policies of the man, but as a symbol that we Americans agree to abide by the decision of the voters every four years and respect the office of the president.

Protocol for the proper hanging of the portraits is administered by the U.S. General Administration (GSA).

At the VA hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida, a group of local vets noticed two empty picture frames hanging on the wall of the lobby; the portraits of President Obama and Vice-President Biden had been removed, which is standard protocol when a president leaves office, but they had not been replaced by portraits of the new president and vice-president.

The vets contacted their congressman, Brian Mast, who is also a veteran, having enlisted in the Army when he graduated from high school and winning a Bronze Star and Purple Heart after losing both legs and a finger when he served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mast receives care at the Palm Beach VA facility.

Mast and his constituents who had been upset by the empty frames hanging on the lobby wall at the VA took portraits of President Trump and Vice-President Pence to the facility and demanded that they be installed.

A video shows the portraits being hung, but VA staff removed them after Congressman Mast and the constituents left the building, telling local CBS News that his actions were “inappropriate” and claimed that the video was illegally obtained.


Additionally, the spokeswoman said the portraits have been removed because they have not been authenticated and portraits on display at the VA need to come from the central office.

Mast has said that he was told by “unidentified bureaucrats something to the effect that ‘Trump is not our president.’”

No, apparently in the minds of those who collect salaries and bonuses while neglecting their duty to provide care for the survivors of war, President Obama is their man.

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Source: CBS 12

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