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It would seem to any critical thinking individual that these riots are being fueled and well-financed by well-organized leftist groups with lots of cash on hand; in fact many of these leftist groups are recruiting within publications and websites all across the country.

Moreover counties like Fort Lauderdale are experiencing daily demonstrations and protests which no doubt is depleting financial resources and putting police officers in a state of constant stress, which has finally gotten past the nicety stage, and police are finally making arrests, which of course should have taken place the moment the first rock was thrown, or the first window smashed.

This brief video clip captures in graphic detail a young protester her hands cuffed behind her back, demanding a lawyer and proclaiming she’s done nothing wrong to be arrested for. And that’s perhaps the rub, in that as long as protesters can destroy property; ignore a lawful order, without paying the consequences, the riots will continue.


Woman arrested at anti-Trump protest in Fort Lauderdale after throwing water on Trump supporters

Posted by Breaking911 on Sunday, 13 November 2016

President Elect Donald Trump ran on a platform of law and order, and a key player within the Trump team, is America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani who said of the rioters; "make noises, scream and yell about everything, and they have the absolute right to, but we don't have riots," he said. "The first person who throw a rock gets arrested. The first person that breaks a window gets arrested. The first person who burns anything gets arrested."

If these liberals are tired of being treated "unfairly" by the police maybe they need to heed this advice:


Do you think this anti-Trump liberal fool got what was coming to her?

Let us know what you think of these "protests" in the comments below.

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