For a brief moment, I thought I was back in 1987 at the Tawana Brawley Press Conference listening to vintage Al Sharpton going off the rails, ranting, and raving and of course race baiting. However although the individual sounded like the good preacher, upon closer inspection of the image on the video clip, I realized it wasn’t Sharpton accusing a white individual of a bogus rape, but rather the bombastic, pretentious loudmouth and perhaps just as polarizing ESPN Host Stephen Smith, doing what he does best, going off on co-host Will Cain, in a torrential “RANT!”

And the subject of his ire on Monday’s edition of “First Take” was former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler being offered a spot on the Miami Dolphins, and Smith’s complete meltdown of that possibility.

Apparently, Smith would like to see lackluster former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick offered the job to replace starter Ryan Tannehill, rather than lackluster Jay Cutler who would need to come out of retirement and sign a limited one year contract.

The brief however volatile exchange had Smith actually accusing the Miami organization of “white privilege” in their desire to hire Cutler over Kaepernick

Stating; “Right now isn’t Jay Cutler the epitome of white privilege?”

Cain attempting to keep the debate civil explained that although Cutler isn’t the best QB in the league, he isn’t the worst, which sent Smith into another emotional tale-spin, shouting; “You make me sick sometimes. Just be quiet and listen.”

Take a look at the rant below:

Here's the full clip:

Least we forget Smith is a big supporter of Kaepernick, recently suggesting that if Colin didn’t play this year in the NFL there would be an “uproar” stating: “I will say to you, I believe there’s going to be an uproar, an uprising to some degree, and I think the NFL is going to feel compelled to make sure this man has a job!”

Perhaps like that other character Tawana Brawley using race as a pretext to distract from your own failings isn’t always rewarded.

Tell us in the comments below if you think Stephen Smith’s $3.5 milllion a year salary is a good investment for ESPN?

Source: Total pro sports

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