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It seemed that immediately following the vice presidential debate the Clinton Network also known as CNN attempted to clean up the poop left behind by Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine.

As the CNN spin machine hosted by Wolf Blitzer, attempted once again to attack Donald Trump through his son Eric, who is quite capable of handling the new family business of politics, and perhaps just as well versed and as knowledgeable has Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Mike Pence, in dismantling this trio of Clinton surrogates disguised as journalists.

Eric who is a little more passionate than Pence handled the trio with ease, rattling off one issue after another, touching all the bases on Hillary’s dismal record as a New York State Senator, reminding the bemused panel of her failed policies and promises of revitalizing the upstate economy of the Empire State, and then quickly pivoting to Hillary’s continuing scandals.

Of course the CNN trio attempted to once again focus on Trump’s taxes, which was interestingly enough brought back to public awareness by the New York Times, another media surrogate of the Obama/Clinton gang who are trying to run interference and attempting to change the narrative on Clinton’s actual tax evasions, and questionable donations while she was Secretary of State and the funds flowing into the Clinton Foundation…all and all, it was quite a performance from Eric.


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