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The optics of having so-called educators wearing to class black T-shirts, emblazoned with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”, under the guise of having a substantive dialog, is as disingenuous as the group they apparently support.

And apparently that’s what teachers at John Muir Elementary School, in Seattle are planning to do next Friday.

Marjorie Lamarre who teaches 3rd grade actually believes that wearing a t-shirt promoting a narrative that never actually happened, is somehow a responsible act, regardless of the fact that the incident that sparked those words and apparently she supports has nothing to do with racism, bur rather an inner city culture that promotes violence and lawlessness.

The misguided teacher went on to explain; “To be silent would be almost unforgivable, and I think we have been silent for almost too long,” And remarkably that statement on its face is actually true, however not for the reason that this educator thinks, and that’s the tragedy, in that another teacher rather than teaching accurately the cause and effect, and the tragedies within the inner cities, will once again play the race card of victimization.


Another teacher Jennifer Whitney came up with the idea to make t-shirts that read: "Black Lives Matter”, stating “It is part of the oppression, the systemic oppression that continues on.”

She lamented about the high incarceration rates among blacks; however by the inclusion of those T-shirts it seems that these educators have already drawn their own conclusions regardless of the indisputable data.

“I think we are going to get some pushback from the t-shirts, but I think that is an invitation for families in the community that might not agree with us to come in and have a discussion with us,” said teacher JR Lorca.

However the question that needs to be asked of these teachers, is how they could in good conscience as educators, promote a myth a fabrication, a false narrative, as fact?

Moreover by the very nature of the T-shirts they wear they’ve suspended fact, in favor of myth.

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