Ambiguity combined with a healthy dose of subterfuge always seems to be a vital part of Obama’s political strategy.

A primary example of how that strategy works was when ObamaCare passed in the dead of night, solely on Democratic votes, who never actually read the bill, and which was based on willful misinformation and outright deception by this administration.

Fast forward to another "Obama moment", where he once again attempts to muddle and deceive the American people with what is actually “written” within this Iran deal, and like a majority of Americans “The Donald” was vehemently opposed to this lopsided capitulation.

And in a recent telephone interview Trump once again hammered the administration, saying; "You know, there is something in the Iran deal that people I don't think really understand or know about,  and nobody is ever to explain it that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense."

Trump added, "And I'm saying this - that includes Israel?

And that seems to be (as always), a big part of Obama’s progressive strategy, in never meaning what you say, and never say what you truly mean…and of course the Prime Minister of Israel, is a savvy former combat veteran and knows full well who the true enemies of Israel are, and has already experienced “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

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