The burning question that has been asked countless times “is it real”, may have finally been answered. Speaking to supporters at a campaign rally in South Carolina on Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had another unscripted moment, when he suddenly decided after reading yet another story about his infamous hair, in which a Los Angeles radio host once again referenced “The Donald” and his famous hairdo “the man of the toupee”.

Trump of course replied to his adoring audience, “I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair!”

And being “The Donald”, he once again wanted to disprove his critics, and what better way then to have a young lady ruffle your hair.

He then pointed to a woman in the crowd and told her to join him on the stage to inspect his hair.

Commenting as she made her way to the stage; “We’re gonna settle this, this is crazy.”

The young woman looking a bit apprehensive briefly ran her fingers through “The Donald’s” hair and said into the microphone, “Yes, I believe it is.”

Hopefully this will put to rest once and for all Trump’s hair issue, however just imagine if every candidate was as comfortable as Trump in having whatever personal issue discussed openly…once again Trump has proven to be not only entertaining  but extremely comfortable with himself and confident within his core beliefs, and the polls reflect just that.

h/t: Blaze

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