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It has gotten to the point where Black Lives Matter will hijack any event anywhere.

Following terror attacks across the globe they have expressed anger that the media is giving attention and sympathy to white victims. They have blocked traffic on interstates numerous times including one incident that kept a mother in labor from reaching the hospital. The list goes on and on.

They care about no one that doesn't cater to their agenda and succumb to their demands. Oh, and they hate cops. Not just white cops but all cops. They have no respect for the men and women who keep them safe at night.

In a country where African-Americans make up just 12% of the population yet according to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008 there are some much bigger issues going on here than a perceived injustice by the police. BLM doesn't want to talk about that or anything else other than how unfair things are stacked against them.

The homicide offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Who should be complaining about being victims here?

This brings us to the Democratic National Convention. An event so mismanaged and marred by fraud and Wikileaks hacks it couldn't get anymore dismal. That is until BLM reared its ugly head.

The Democrats were having a moment of silence for fallen police officers. Yes, cops getting killed is a problem that deserves recognition. Then the BlackLivesMatter hate group got to work on cue.

Watch for yourself and see what you think:

Even some Democrats couldn't take the BLM lunatics.

Source: Breitbart

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