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Voting fraud is real problem, and only blissfully misinformed individuals would believe that the political system isn’t rigged, as further proof of how our electoral process is being stolen comes a new PEW REPORT that highlights exactly that issue, in that over 24-million voter registration records are terribly flawed, which accounts for about 1 in 8 voters who can potentially commit fraud without being detected.

Moreover the report uncovered that nearly 3-million individuals are registered in two or more states, raising again the possibility of committing fraud by voting multiple times in different states, add to that the over 1.8-million registered “dead voters” still on the books, and the potential for committing fraud increases even further.

These latest incidents listed are simply another example of stealing the electoral process. This one involves Vafalay Massaquoi working within a "local advocacy group" in Alexandria, near Washington, in which she registering voters who did not exist. The Washington Post reported that the 30-year old woman faces a maximum of 40-years in prison. The scheme to file false voting application was uncovered by the City of Alexandria, who immediately notified state officials.

In another incident of voter fraud, this one involved a 74-year old woman named Gladys Coego, who allegedly attempted to rig the outcome of a mayoral election by marking an unknown "small" number of mail-in ballots in favor of her candidate.

And in yet another incident 33-year-old Tomika Curgil allegedly filled out 5-election forms without the knowledge or consent of the individuals named on the forms.



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