Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is no stranger to controversy with her Left leaning agenda. What should shock all women, regardless of their political affiliation, is how Maxine completely defended Shariah Law, a centuries old listing of religious laws that are designed to control a population via heavy-handed governance. These laws are unbalanced, heavily favoring men while keeping women subjugated, usually with less rights than most household pets.

When women such a Maxine Waters sides with Shariah Law and its pretend-applicability in America, it should make us wonder if anybody has ever read her those laws, explaining what they mean and how they apply to women. Let us consider Maxine herself within that video. If she made that speech in a country where Shariah Law was the governing body, she would have been arrested. Because she is outspoken, because she hasn't covered up from head to toe, the Morality Police (A very real police force that enforces Shariah Law) would drag her to the center of town to be stoned to death.

Yes, you read that right. Death by stoning sounds too archaic for today's modern world, but even today in the Middle East, a woman can be stoned to death. Consider the fate of the Syrian woman on June 16, 2014 in Mosul. Accused of adultery by her father, she was quickly convicted under Shariah Law, surrounded by a crowd of her peers, and they picked up rocks and threw them at her until she was dead.

This is the very same Shariah Law that Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters was caught defending on video. That so-called legal framework even controls private aspects of living. It's a political, banking, economic, business, sexuality and social law with defined limitations, along with brutal if not deadly punishments for violating them.

There are no Shariah Laws that are compatible with the US Constitution, or any US Public Laws that are enforced within the United States. Cutting off a hand for shoplifting is illegal in the United States, but is legal within Shariah Law. Would Maxine change her mind if she knew that women can be married at the age of nine within Shariah Law? In any state of the union, that is illegal, even considered as a form of pedophilia. Perhaps the Leftist living within Maxine's evil drenched heart might shy away from Shariah Law if she knew that homosexuality is punishable only by death.

The fact that a Democratic Congresswoman, elected by her constituents, has openly demonstrated one of two mentalities within this video. One, Maxine hasn't researched the content of Shariah Law and what it means to the people who live within its legal frame-work, and remains clueless of these horrific punishments that are carried out in Shariah Law compliant countries to this day. Two, Maxine knows what it means to allow Shariah Law within the United States, knows what the penalties are, and openly advocates for such ugly barbarism. Regardless of Maxine Waters' position in this regard, both mentalities are equally terrifying, considering the fact that Maxine is also granted a real, very powerful Congressional vote.

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