A daughter’s unconditional love for her dad can indeed bridge that inevitable divide, between the here and the hereafter, when Indianapolis teen Sierra Bradway decided to include her dad, a fallen police officer who was killed in the line of duty at her prom.

According to the Independent Journal Review, the tragic event on September 20th, 2013 began as a normal day for Sierra’s dad Officer Rod Lee Bradway, responding to the usual domestic disturbance calls he had received hundreds of times within his policing career. The situation he assumed would be no different; he would intervene between the two quarreling individuals and cool down the hostilities perhaps separating the mother and child from an abusive spouse, and hopefully restore order. However, this wasn’t the usual domestic disturbance, and Officer Bradway was shot 6-times by the deranged assailant.

Sierra wanted more than anything else to include her dad on her special night, to pay her respects and to take her “prom pictures” at his graveside. However, Sierra had no idea what was awaiting her at the cemetery.

Sierra had arranged for a photographer and her date, Brock Spayd to be at the gravesite. However, Sierra’s mom heard about the plan and decided to do something special for Sierra.


Sierra Bradway and her Blue Line Family Prom Photo Op

Another short video that details the IMPD Blue Line Family and others coming out in support of our Fallen Brother, Officer Rod Bradway, and his daughter, Sierra, before she headed off to the Decatur Central High School Prom

Thank you to Marion County Sheriff's Office (IN), Butler University Police Department, Clermont Police Department - Indiana, Crown Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery

#NeverForget #WeAreAllFamily #IMPD

Posted by IMPD News on Saturday, May 6, 2017

According to Fox News; “The plan was set in motion by Brock’s mother, a captain in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, who learned of Sierra’s cemetery visit and called upon officers from the Indianapolis (Metropolitan) Police Department and other regional departments to help make the teen’s prom more special.”

Dressed in a beautiful blue gown, Sierra arrived at the gravesite and was shocked at what she saw. There before her were two mounted police officers on horseback to greet her and her date. Also in attendance were officers from surrounding communities, to join in the poignant celebration.

According to the video: “There were a lot of laughs, some tears, but most importantly, there was love.”

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Source: Fox

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