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There was a time not all that long ago when during the “Christmas season,” individuals greeted each other with the traditional “Merry Christmas” or perhaps if you were Jewish “Happy Hanukkah”, moreover it didn’t quite matter what denomination you were, or if you were a practicing Christian or not, or if you even believed in anything.

The greeting was simply an acknowledgement of this special time of year; however within the last decade there seems to be a prevailing attitude especially among “secular progressives” that “CHRIST” should be eliminated from “Christmas”….ironically the very holiday that honors his birth.

Therefore it isn’t at all surprising when we hear another tale of a disgruntled progressive getting upset at hearing a religious Christmas song being played.

This time the lunacy took place in Florida, at Michael's Tasting Room in Saint Augustine. A customer became so upset at the religious music being played in the background, that he left a note that read; "consider playing holiday music, or [tunes] less religious themed."

Which left owner Michael Lugo, dumfounded stating that he’s a Christian and was not attempting to force his religion on anyone, adding that it was “scary” that someone would go to the trouble of writing a note.

However when it comes to the progressive mindset, nothing is off-limits, even in their attempt to change the significance of Christmas.


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Source: Fox

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