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Quote of the year goes to a Cleveland cop who yelled at a flag burning protester “You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” We don't like seeing the American flag burned but we DO like seeing the perpetrator catch himself on fire.

Check out the idiocy here:

This is just one of several flag burning incident at the RNC that has resulted in multiple arrests.

As far as protests go, this one in comparison to setting oneself on fire was fairly mild.

Although Old Glory was set ablaze and several people were shoved, which resulted with a Cleveland police officer hitting the deck outside the Republican National Convention.

There was little doubt that police restored order within a few brief moments, and no one was injured.

The 30-second incident was captured on video by Fox News showing protesters in the process of removing the flag from a package and moments later setting it ablaze, which immediately set the police into action which resulted in a brief scuffle for control of the flag, in which both the protester and police officer fell to the ground.

These losers got arrested:

Fox own Business host Connell McShane was their reporting live when the dust-up took place, and was informed by authorities that open burning of any object is a violation of city ordinances, and those burning objects are subject to arrest, although he was hoping to minimize those arrests.

Remarkably there have been few arrests or violent confrontations, even though a veiled threat was made by the New Black Panther Party that there would be aggressive demonstrations, and their plan to carry firearms, in that the state of Ohio has open-carry gun laws, which of course after the recent tragedies of police officers being targeted, complicates further the issue of security for all concerned.

This loser also got arrested:

Sources: Fox

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