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Ever since the Democrat party anointed Hillary Clinton as the successor to President Obama on the last night of the convention in Philadelphia, the mainstream media and political pundits have been sounding the death knell of Republican candidate Donald Trump with revised polling methods by Reuters putting Clinton into double-digit leads three months ahead of the November election.

The only problem with the storyline that Clinton has the election sewn up is that the voters, the people who will actually go to their polling places on November 8th to choose the next president of the United States haven’t gotten the message – or if they have, they aren’t buying it.

On Wednesday night, Trump packed the house at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in the must-win state of Florida as an estimated audience of 15,000 and later drew another big crowd of enthusiastic supporters in Daytona Beach.

Trump acknowledged the crowd in Jacksonville by saying he wished the press would “report the crowd like it is.”

At the same time, the candidate who the press has already crowned spoke to embarrassingly sparse audiences, even cancelling some events in some cases due to low turnout.

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In the also crucial state of Ohio, a smattering of voters in a small auditorium heard Clinton attack Trump’s vow to “Make America Great Again,” and promise to put an end to systemic racism in American institutions – messages that apparently failed to draw crowds.

Earlier in the week at appearances in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Columbus, Ohio Trump sparred with fire marshals who capped occupancy in the venues leaving thousands of ticket holders outside.

Efforts to encourage Trump to moderate the blunt, politically incorrect “tell it like it is” style that propelled him to the top of 17 Republican candidates during the primary season have failed to dampen the enthusiasm of his supporters who haven’t heard that the press has already declared that their votes don’t count.

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