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The “Clinton News Network”, also know in some media circles as “CNN” was at it again on election night, after the most historic come-from-behind presidential election in the annals of American politics, declared Donald Trump the winner, and the 45th President of the United States.

The shell-shocked media pundits, where attempting to dissect what had just taken place, and of course the bias that had plagued this election was still in full force with former White House advisor and CNN host Van Jones, attempted to once again use the same tired progressive talking point by again attempting to play the “race card” and suggesting that Trump’s victory was because of “whitelash” against President Obama because he is black, regardless of the fact that it was Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump and not Obama.

No doubt that ridiculous assertion would have in all probability seeped into progressive orthodoxy, if it wasn’t for firebrand Mary Matalin, the Republican political consultant, who was a part of the political panel discussion, and immediately took Jones to task for suggesting that Trump supporters are racist, which put Jones in a defensive position and attempting to explain Obama’s two terms as president.


Moreover as reported and documented by the WikiLeaks revelations, CNN along with the Democratic chair Donna Brazile, in fact rigged a CNN hosted town hall debate, when Brazile gave pre-selected questions to Hillary Clinton in her debate with Bernie Sanders.

What is apparent after Trump’s incredible victory is that progressives are all in denial, refusing to believe that the American people are in charge, and not them!

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