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It’s always fascinating listening to the hosts on CNN, and in particular CNN’s own Chris Cuomo who always has a bizarre take on current events, and it seems Chris has done it again with his strange warning to his viewers regarding the WikiLeaks dump, which reminds me of the 1939 movie classic “The Wizard of Oz,” and that famous quote my character actor Frank Morgan (the Wizard), “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

The iconic line was uttered as the Wizard frantically attempted to stay hidden behind the curtain, while he attempted to create with smoke and mirrors, the illusion of his limitless powers, only to be revealed as nothing more than an ordinary old man pretending to have mystical powers.

And no doubt Cuomo’s “wizard-like smokescreen” in telling his blissfully misinformed audience that perhaps directly reading those emails is somehow “illegal” and that “he” and his ilk of progressives should interpret the emails to his viewers.

The brief video clip opens with a somewhat somber Cuomo referencing the recent WikiLeaks dump of Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails, and then in a bizarre almost condescending way warns his viewers they’re breaking the law, if they read on their own directly those emails, in short without Cuomo’s progressive filter.

Cuomo than goes even further stating: “Also interesting is, remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents, . “It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.”

No doubt what the progressive establishment and in particular “the Clinton Network” are attempting do, is to intimidate, and misinform their blissfully misguided viewers in that actually downloading these files is somehow illegal, and while there may be some confusion on the subject, critical thinking individuals can easily access the documents without downloading anything, all one needs to do is simply reference “WikiLeaks documents” which are freely available to read on a number of websites.

However more importantly than CNN attempting to censor its own viewers, is the length the mainstream media is willing to go in their attempt to obliterate the truth, which should be of primary concern to every freedom loving individual.


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