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A hapless CNN reporter thought he saw an easy mark to ridicule and support their anti-Trump liberal crap narrative but things did not go as planned.

The reporter asked a somewhat older black man a fully loaded race-baiting question about Trumps alleged racism and the black gentleman went off.

“I’m sick of this race and divide!” said. “It’s always divide and conquer! It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN!”

The black man is correct about it never making it onto CNN but it has made its rounds on social media and right here.

“I’m out here making sure I express my support for Mr. Donald J. Trump,” he continued. “And I’m fighting back against people like Black Lives Matter, which CNN supports along with the Hillary Clinton foundation and Bill Clinton foundation, the traitors to this country.”

Unfazed by the mans response the CNN reported didn't acknowledge a single word and like a liberally programmed drone on auto pilot he continued to pepper the unnamed interviewee with anti-Trump questions.

This CNN idiot stupidly asked the man how he felt about some white supremacists backing Trump. At this point enough was enough.

“It doesn’t matter,” said the increasingly annoyed man, pointing out that white supremacists can choose whomever they want but that has nothing to do with Trump.

Check out the lunacy and desperation of this CNN hack right here:

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