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No one has ever accused Clint Eastwood of being anything less than genuine and authentic, so when speaks out about politics, you know he’s giving his honest-to-God opinion.

The 86-year-old first got the public’s attention as Rowdy Yates, the young cowboy on TV’s ‘Rawhide, gaining star status as ‘The Man With No Name’ in the ‘Fistful of Dollars’ trilogy of the 60s and becoming a full-fledged icon in the ‘Dirty Harry’ series, but he had a stint in politics, serving as mayor of Carmel, California in the 1980s, and took a turn at the Republican National Convention in 2012 in a mock interview with an empty chair standing-in for President Obama.

So, it should come as no surprise that the fiercely independent Eastwood wasn’t afraid to express his opinion of decision of the Democrat National Committee to put the Muslim parents of an American soldier killed in Iraq on stage to chasten Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Khirz Khan spoke in a thick accent, although the Harvard-educated attorney came to the United States from Pakistan in the 1970s and has had a successful law practice in New York and Washington for years specializing in immigration law.

His speech, with his wife standing silently at his side, tugged at the heart-strings, leaving many at the convention and in the media in tears, but Eastwood says the Democrats used the Gold Start family for political theater.

Trump bungled his response, creating a week-long distraction for his campaign, but Eastwood called it as he saw it, saying, The guy was being exploited by a political party. That's no good either. Whether either party does it, they shouldn't take advantage of some poor slob.”

Capt. Humayun Khan was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 while attempting to prevent a suicide bombing on base, and was credited with saving the lives of hundreds.

Although Eastwood stopped short of endorsing Trump, he said Clinton has “made a lot of dough out of being a politician,” adding, “it’s a tough voice to listen to for four years.”

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