Chuck Woolery is a face that we grew up watching on our favorite game shows. He is also an out and proud conservative. In this video clip he lays out reasons why a proposed ban on assault weapons is a blatant attack on our Second Amendment rights. As he points out near the end of the video it is a slippery slope because eventually all weapons and ammunitions will be outlawed.

In his opening, he quotes who he refers to as his fellow rapper musician, Ice-T, who had this to say;

“The right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny.”

From there, Woolery sets course for defense of the Second Amendment while simultaneously providing some constitutional history lessons, and posing some tongue-in-cheek, yet meaningful, questions back at the anti-gun crowd.

For example, the Founding Fathers, while not knowing what an assault weapons was, which is an utter joke in and of itself because even a rock in the wrong hands can be considered an assault weapon, wanted the American people to be armed on-par with our military so as to defend ourselves AGAINST the government should the need ever arise.

When considering guns kill people, Woolery point out it is people that kill people. To make the comparison very appropriate to the immediate present, he says this would be like blaming airplanes for the 9-11 attacks. A fitting analogy indeed.

He also provides some 20th century background, harkening back to 1934 and an already existent ban on assault weapons, whereby it can be interpreted that any gun that has the appearance of a machine gun can be banned. Again, while reflecting on this, Woolery goes for the jugular in his jokester style; should Henry Waxman be illegal because of his similarity in appearance to the rat in the Disney cartoon Ratatouille?

Woolery is refreshing. He takes what is portrayed as a panic-driven need to rid us of our guns and turns it around, in humorous fashion, and makes very logical points.

As he pointed out with respect to the Emperor of Japan during World War II, we should all be reminded that other nations once feared us because there was “a gun behind every blade of grass.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if our government had the same respect for Americans today?

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