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The question asked by Fox’s host Chris Wallace of Dr. Ben Carson is as obvious as Carson’s remark, in that the “art of politics” is always about persuasion, and about the immediate optics of an issue, it’s about President Obama sitting at a desk and signing ObamaCare and having individuals standing in the background dressed in white lab coats, or Hillary Clinton flanked on stage by African-American mothers whose sons were shot by police officers, or Donald Trump standing next to mothers and fathers whose loved ones were murdered by illegal aliens.

All of whom are props to be used to exploit and or explain an issue, and so when Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” asks Dr. Ben Carson if he was worried about “being used as a prop for black voters” by the Trump campaign, the answer was obvious.

And that’s perhaps more of an issue then Carson’s predictable answer stating: “It’s not about me it’s about our nation.”

The issue of course is Wallace’s attempt to use race as a wedge issue by framing a question as an indirect challenge rather than as an honest attempt to garner someone’s thoughtful insights:

“Do you worry that you’re being used as a prop for black voters and that supporting Donald Trump will end up hurting your credibility in the black community?”

And no doubt that was the reason for Dr. Carson’s abridged answer.

It would seem that whether you’re Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or anyone of a dozen news outlets, attempting to manipulate the narrative and the ultimate outcome crosses all ideologies

Source: Breitbart

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