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When we think of the fight game, we usually focus on how brutal a business boxing is, and seldom think of the dedication, the training and the self-sacrifice attached to the sport, or the individual that needs to perform within the ring, in that boxing for the most part is an individual sport, with few short cuts, there’s no hanging back while another team member picks up your slack, you either succeed or fail on your own, you either rise from the canvas or you don’t.

With his successful track record and with this climate of racial discontent sweeping across America, one might assume that boxing legend Mayweather would perhaps join in the chores of celebrities from the Hollywood elites to the multimillion black celebrity athletes, raising their fists in protest and praising a hate groups like “Black Lives Matter.”

However that assumption would be wrong! And it’s within this backdrop that iconic boxing legend Floyd Mayweather gave some insightful advice to those young at risk individuals, regardless of race.

The brief video clip is actually a blueprint to how Mayweather conducts himself and how he became perhaps one of the greatest boxes of his generation, a professional career that spanned almost 2-decades, and achieving unlimited success with 5-division world championships, 12-world titles, and voted by Ring Magazine, “Fighter of the Year” in 1998 and again in 2007.

The video shows Mayweather being interviewed, stating that “All Lives Matter” and going a step further saying that “Blue Lives Matter” and then speaking about how we need to come together as a society, that we need to respect everyone, stating that when we’re in trouble we call the police.

However perhaps the most insightful comment was about himself, saying that his hands are legally registered as “lethal weapons”, and that if his home was being burglarized by an unarmed thief, he could easily take matters into his own hands, however wisdom prevails in that he would call the police, rather than risk the consequences…no doubt sound advice for us all.


Do you think Floyd is spot on here? We certainly do!

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