Ok, let’s get this straight French Montana whose real name is Karim Kharbouch gets pulled over while filming a rap video and everyone believes this was an unpremeditated incident on his part?

Kharbouch is a pretty savvy guy, and he’s been around the hip-hop scene for quite a while and he actually survived an attempt on his life back in 2003, and this one plus minute video clip seems more of a publicity stunt by Kharbouch to keep that persona thing going of the bad boy rapper. Regardless of the intent Kharbouch said the BLM taunt was not in jest. He felt he was being racially profiled.

The incident took place in Queens, New York when Kharbouch’s SUV was pulled over just outside a strip club.

Kharbouch sitting in the back seat had the video rolling from the moment he was stopped, as if anticipating he was about to be stopped, which of course is only logical, if you’re a “bad boy rapper” being seemingly tailed by the police.

The brief video clip has Kharbouch joking, laughing and making small talk, in one exchange he referenced the police as "hip-hop cops," because they’re a special unit of the NYPD that apparently shadows “bad boy rappers” like Kharbouch.

In another exchange he wisecrack’s repeatedly out an open window “Black Lives Matter”


And almost like clockwork, these video’s always appear on TMZ, so once again was this just a simple publicity stunt, to gin up a little air time, or was this the real deal, and quite frankly do you really care?

However one thing is certain the recent dust-up with celebrity athletes sitting or kneeling at the playing of the National Anthem, has perhaps taken away the hype of publicity that feeds these guys and gals egos, so anything is possible

And if you still care Kharbouch told TMZ after the incident, the police were just checking to see if the driver had been drinking and he wasn’t…now don’t we all feel better?

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