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Once again a 9-minute segment on MSNBC is reduced to the topic of “skin pigmentation” rather then a substantive dialog about Donald Trump reaching out to the African-American community.

And as usual another MSNBC surrogate for the Democratic Party disguised as a host was primed and ready to go for the party, this time it was Pastor Darrell Scott, a supporter and friend of Donald Trump, who was about to be vilified, however not before MSNBC host Joy Reid attempted to demean Trump’s outreach to the black community.

Apparently Reid had a problem with Trump speaking honestly and candidly about the plight of African-Americans living within the inner city, and prefers the apparent “out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy of the Obama Administration, stating that not all blacks live in poverty, and some like Pastor Scott do quite well.

Obviously Reid has been brushing up on the progressive handbook of defection, denial and distraction, and of course attempting to make the good pastor as uncomfortable as possible for his support of both the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

And of course being disingenuous is all a part of MSNBC’s charm, and of course they didn’t disappoint this viewer (me), going back into the archives by dredging up the birther issue, and Donald Trump’s request to see Obama’s birth certificate.

However Pastor Scott would have none of it and attempted to set the record straight exclaiming “The birther issue came out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign!”

This prompted Reid to respond: “No. No it didn’t. No. Nope. No it didn’t sir. No. No!”

The verbal slugfest lasted a few seconds with both Reid and Scott talking over each other and interrupting one another.

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