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In a less than a 30-second video clip Malik Zulu Shabazz, a part-time attorney and full-time leader of violent prone hate group the New Black Panther Party warned both law enforcement and those attending the Republican National Convention, that violence is almost assured.

The dire warning came in an interview on Fox News as Shabazz (born Paris Lewis), warned host Mike Tobin, almost guaranteeing violence in Cleveland.

Saying; “I am saying what we are planning, and also from what I know many of the groups on the left, mainly the white left, and others, I know for a fact that there’s going to be blocking of highways and there’s going to be arrests and there’s going to be some things.”

Shabazz continued; “I hear that’s going to go on next week. It’s highly likely there’s going to be arrests, there’s going to be tear gas. It’s going to be happening.”

Apparently Shabazz has taken a tactic right out of the playbook of ISIS, in announcing their desire to create mayhem; the only difference is that Shabazz is cleverly wearing his attorney’s hat rather than his overt threatening posture as a militant racist leader of a hate group advocating violence.

However also on the scene are a group of over 10,000 bikers (mostly veterans), who call themselves “Bikers for Trump” and have vowed to protect Trump supporters at the convention, which also has a new dynamic within the overall mix of perhaps raising the violence level with the report of thousands of Hell’s Angels also joining in to protect Trump and his supporters…stay tuned!

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