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There’s little doubt after viewing this brief video clip, that most critical thinking and reasoned viewers would be outraged and disgusted by Kalyn Chapman James comments.

Yet one can’t dismiss (whether real or imagined), the troubled mindset behind those tearful comments, in that it would be easy to simply brand James the first black woman to be crowned Miss Alabama, and a finalist in the Miss America pageant, as a cruel racist or a heartless bigot, and perhaps she is.

However this is also an emotionally troubled woman as evident in her bazaar irrational description of racist cop killer Micah Johnson as a “martyr.”

Regardless of the fact that this self-described “raciest” murdered in cold calculating blood, 5-innocent police officers who were actually at the time protecting protesters at an “anti-police” demonstration.

James emotional and quite frankly delusional response to the murder of 5-white police officers while virtually exonerating the murderer as a “martyr”, seems in keeping with what many black celebrities and athletes do, ignore the facts, raise their arms and keep the myth of “hands up don’t shoot” alive for the next emotionally troubled generation of African-American youths.

Moreover what’s truly troubling is that James along with many of those African-American celebrities and athletes, falsely perpetuate the stereotype of systemic racism, by embracing those false images, designed perhaps for their own self-serving ambitions and just perhaps their own guilt in accessing the American Dream, of hard work and perseverance.

Do you think this racist and delusional cop hater should be stripped of her title as Miss Alabama?

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