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It’s hard to imagine that within a few short years a hate group like “Black Lives Matter” has been able to change the narrative, rewrite history and actually create a new identity of who they really are.

The “makeover” is remarkable in that this “hate group” was in part created within the crime infested streets of black America, as a young criminal thug resisted arrest by brutally assaulting a white police officer, and ultimately paid the price with his life, only to be resurrected as a folk hero, and thus a movement was born on a foundation of lies.

And to this day the lie continues among the progressive elites, both black and white, and it’s within this context that this “hate group” has been given a pass by the liberal political establishment and within the mainstream media, to do as they like without accountability.

The latest egregious act took place on perhaps the most somber day within America’s history, 9/11. As the radical hate group brought their unique brand of thuggish intimidation by demonstrating in Washington, D.C. in support of Muslims refugees, and setting up a “checkpoint” outlining the “harassment” Muslims face.

No doubt “Black Lives Matter” as a constitutional right to protest and demonstrate peacefully, and as such the mainstream media has a responsibility to report accurately those demonstrations, however once again the media attempted to dishonestly misrepresent the hate group's actions as a "commemoration", rather than what it actually was a “demonstration.”

And although it was obvious that “Black Lives Matter”, picked the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, to change the focus of this somber day, news commentators like Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, of NBC, attempted to distort the true motives of this hate group’s by suggesting that the demonstration was somehow in keeping with honoring the lives lost on that infamous day.

Moreover the obvious “black brand” attached to the hate group, is perhaps more of a cover for the overall agenda of financial backer George Soros, and Lacy MacAuley a white radical leftist who has worked closely in the past with such groups as ACORN and other far left-wing groups, and of course one of it’s main targets is the Jewish State of Israel, and in which Soros has a personal interest in, vowing to destroy the country.

The only coverage of the protest was from Lacy MacAuley, a white woman who has worked with left-wing groups such as ACORN, and who has shown a deep hatred towards the Jewish State.

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