What a world of difference a single word makes.

The Black Lives Matter people who brought you "white privilege" have decided that the phrase is way too tame to suit the goals of the group's rabble-rousing Marxist-racist agenda.

The appropriate term they use now is "white supremacy."

Catchy, isn't it?

In a memo straight from the BLM horse's arse:

The International Ambassador for the Black Lives Matter Network is urging allies of the movement to "stop saying ‘white privilege’ and start saying ‘white supremacy.’

Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter-Toronto, released a video last week explaining the semantic differences between the two phrases and the need for the change.

“Popular social justice discourse has used ‘white privilege’ to describe the benefits that come with whiteness,” the Angela Davis look-alike Khan said in the video. “The problem with describing white privilege is that it looks at the individual as opposed to the system itself.”

If we are to understand Khan correctly, white supremacy assumes that all white people practice it just by being white.

White privilege does not make the same assumption. Therefore it must take into account that some white people may indeed feel bad about their "privileged" status.

The demonization of white people continues under the Khan-artist guise of BLM "semantics."

These Marxists and their word games and slogans. They'll stop at nothing until they topple the system entirely and replace it with something truly monstrous.

History is not on their side, however. Marxism will never work no matter how many times they try it. The average BLM street thug is too hate-filled to realize the failure of Marxism throughout history.

What better way, then, to respond to BLM semantics than with our own pro-Trump semantics?

Instead of using the term "activists" to describe BLM members, why not use "commie terrorist anti-white skull-crackers facing jail time"?

Rolls easily off the tongue.

Do you think BLM switching from use of the term "white privilege" to "white supremacy" will make any real difference?

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