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It was indeed a “Happy Mother’s Day” for two Memphis mom’s who spent their special day surrounded by their children and loved ones, rather than locked up in a jail cell.

Moreover, perhaps the overall positive inclusion to this story is that members of a black radical group stepped out of character and actually did a “good deed” in posting bail money for those moms in time to celebrate the holiday.

The group, of course, was members of Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter who put up the bail money.

"It's wonderful. It's amazing," Tiffany McDaniels said. "I got to spend Mother's Day with my children."

McDaniels was in prison locked up for the past two weeks, unable to make bail, before Black Lives Matter came to her rescue.

The campaign to raise money and reunite a total of 8-families began in earnest a few weeks prior to Mother’s Day; all told about $35,000 was raised.

However no good deed goes unnoticed, and of course, race became the main focus by those moms bailed out.

"It's racial bias, bias against poor people, people of color," Shay Jones of Black Lives Matter said.

The bail system is not based on race and there has never been any accusation that black people are put on bail more than any other race. Once again Black Lives Matter is attempting to play the race card when there is simply no evidence of racist treatment of inmates. Regardless of race or religion bail must be paid when accused of certain types of crime. It is in place to hold people accountable and nothing more.

"You have us in here. We haven't even gone to trial yet and you're holding us in jail for something you don't know if we did or not," McDaniels said.


According to court documents just released, McDaniels was arrested for attempted aggravated burglary, which is a serious enough crime, and a justifiable reason to be locked up.

However, Erica Perry, a spokesperson for the radical group said: “we're asking them to pass legislation for automatic release for all municipal offenses."

Which apparently means those individuals who violate city and county ordinances and are arrested, should be let go.

Shay Jones, another Black Lives Matter member, reiterated; "What could we be doing with that money other than jailing people who aren't convicted of crimes."

Perhaps it might be a good time to point out that “aggravated burglary” the reason why McDaniels was locked up doesn’t sound like a violation of a city ordinance, it sound more like a premeditated “CRIME!”

Do you think the system of paying bail is racist or is this just another case of the hate group Black Lives Matter stirring up the race-baiting to avoid consequences of criminal activity?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Action5News

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