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This video of African-Americans in Chicago, finally realizing they’ve been had, actually resonates with most, in that we’ve all at some point in our life’s been there, when we find out the product we purchased didn’t live up to the hype, and the return policy is long past due.

The product in this case for African-Americans is Barack Obama, who was able to sell them, not once but twice a "bill-of-goods", at their expense.

The eye-opening video, shows a chorus of African-Americans, both young and old finally criticizing both  Barack Obama and perhaps to a greater extent Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Stating: “He’s probably the worst President ever elected.”

“Have the same love for these (black) young people as you’ve got for the ones across the border.”


There’s little doubt that the betrayal these individuals feel must be overwhelming, to finally realize that after 8-years of having the ‘first African American president” and one of our own as president, that your life is actually worst then before this charlatan became president.

The brief video clip chronicles various individuals speaking of how disappointed, and perhaps embarrassed they are in believing in this man. They emotionally speak of soaring crimes within their impoverished neighborhoods, where children cannot go out and play for fear of their lives, and of the high jobless rate.

However perhaps the most emotional issue of all is hearing the mayor speaking of using the cities financial resources in improving the lives of illegal aliens, at their expense.

Do you think Obama has failed minorities despite his big promises?

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