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It’s almost impossible to figure out what Geraldo Rivera wants to be, he claims  he’s a moderate Republican, however he's almost always at odds with what Moderate Republican's believe in, which is following the law, moreover his convoluted logic  is usually the hallmark of the “loony left.”

And thankfully clear-eyed Bill O’Reilly wasn’t having any of Geraldo’s twisted reasoning.

The incident involved an illegal “drunk driving” alien who killed a young girl in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in a sanctuary city run by Mayor Meyera Oberndorf, and of course Geraldo began to downplay the tragedy, suggesting what if his (the illegal alien) name were “Buddy, Bubba” or Bob, implying that there wasn’t any difference if the driver were an American citizen or an illegal alien.

No doubt to most critical thinking individuals, logic would dictate the very fact that this individual was in this country “ILLEGELY” the young girl would not be dead, and to add additional context to this incident the illegal alien was deported several times, and returned again and again

Geraldo interrupting O’Reilly again and again, first vilifying Lou Dobbs and then ranting about the minutemen began to finally get under O’Reilly’s skin with his liberal claptrap, which finally set O’Reilly off into a rage, and turning Rivera into a bumbling babbling fool.


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