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Once again we witness the sheer hypocrisy of both the mainstream media and so-called feminist groups, in their “collective” and “selective” outrage when it comes to the issue of inappropriate behavior concerning men. And perhaps that’s the reason why many of these organizations are seldom considered true advocates for woman’s rights, in that ideology plays more of a role in deciding, what constitutes actual “sexual assault”, then the individuals involved.

Obviously a prime example of that hypocrisy was how both the mainstream media and so-called feminists viewed perhaps the biggest sex offender in the world of politics Bill Clinton, who still enjoys immense popularity among woman.

However what is truly surprising is that nothing much as changed since “ol hound-dog Bill occupied the “Oral Office” in that if you’re a popular and progressive Democrat, like “creepy Joe Biden” who has made a career out of touching, nuzzling, foundling, rubbing and whispering pillow talk in woman’s ears for almost 30-years, as common as voter fraud.

And yet the focus isn’t on Biden but rather on Trump and those “ALLEGIED” encounters, regardless of the overwhelming videos, audio and countless witnesses through the years who have seen up close and personal “creepy Uncle Joe” in action, without so much as a word of condemnation from those “sunshine feminists” who only see sexual assaults if you’re a Republican or worst yet a “conservative.”

Do you think the media should out Biden for his totally inappropriate behaviour towards woman?

There is a huge double standard in the mainstream media. Please share this everywhere on Facebook and bring this to light.

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