The wonderful thing about today’s technology, is that anyone with a  click of a mouse, can instantly become well-informed by simply going on-line and Googling the comments made by presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, and of course the same holds true for this Islamic organization called CAIR, which apparently is calling for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race because of those comments.

However making statements in public and having them scrutinized isn’t only reserved for Dr. Carson, it’s also reserved for this group which is also classified as a terrorist organization by the UAE.

The apparent controversy stems from an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, when Carson was asked if he would support a Muslim for president, and answered he would not, explaining that he didn’t believe the values of Islam was consistent with the Constitution of the United States. However the actual comments referencing Islam and its compatibility to our Constitution, was made by interviewer Chuck Todd.

However more importantly then what was said in the interview is the sheer hypocrisy of this terrorist group and by the progressive elite in asking Dr. Carson to apologize and also to step down.

Moreover the wonderful thing about technology is the ability to access unfiltered videos without editing or manipulation like the Texas rally just last year where CAIR Director Mustafa spoke to his followers and said; "If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land."

Ben Carson speaks about his views on having a Muslim President

Sorry pal, that statement doesn’t comport with our “Bill of Rights”, our Constitution, or the American way of life, perhaps “you” should apologize to Dr. Carson.

Source:Gateway Pundit


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