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Perhaps the best way to describe radical and rabid leftist icon Barbra Streisand is to simply listen to her speak. Streisand by all accounts is one of the most gifted entertainers in show business, and yet when she speaks on the state of the nations affairs, she becomes a total paradox of convoluted logic that defies basic reasoning.

Think of this, a Jewish girl born in Brooklyn, who supports Hillary Clinton who supports both George Soros, a Nazi collaborator during WWII, and President Obama who is now allied with Iran, a terrorist country that has vowed to wipe Israel “off the face of the earth.”

In March, Streisand wrote a piece which appeared on the internet blasting “outright sexism” in the media’s coverage of Clinton.

“Why is it that today even a woman as impressive as Hillary Clinton is judged not by her merits and extensive resume alone, but held to a pernicious double standard?”

During an interview on “60 Minutes” Streisand announced she would leave the country if Trump is elected saying: “I worry; I don’t take anything for granted. I want Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States. But there is still a lot of sexism, and ‘A woman being president?’ you know, and making fun of her, the way [Donald Trump] insults her right and left, and has no facts.”

She continued; I can’t believe it. I’m either coming to your country (Australia), if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”

Astoundingly Streisand references ‘FACTS” and “SEXISM” and yet is apparently comfortable with the history of Bill Clinton’s abuse of woman, and Hillary’s acceptance of millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries with a long history of abusing woman, gays Christians and Jews.

Perhaps the question that should be asked of Streisand, is “why do American progressive Jews (like she), ignore the atrocities being committed by those same Hillary supporters?”

Source: Breitbart

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