Rest assured if “America’s Mayor” and former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani was still sending “wise-guys” to prison, Hillary Clinton would be facing a long list of criminal chargers.

The former mayor of New York said that Clinton should be facing at least “five different” criminal charges, and blasted the Department of Justice for failing to hold the Democratic presidential candidate accountable for her actions.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” program, Giuliani continued; I’d have her under investigation for about five different crimes, I think it’s outrageous that the Justice Department is not moving forward with this.

Giuliani also raised some serious questions about the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with a number of international companies, and the issue of “conflict of interest”  while Clinton was secretary of state

“I think it’s clear that she had a conflict of interest, her husband getting hundreds of millions of dollars, she’s making decisions about companies and about corporations that he’s getting money from. I think they filed a joint tax return,” he said.

And while that issue may appear subjective, the real criminal act are those private emails and using her own private server without any government oversight and her refusal  to preserve records from her time at the State Department, plus the destruction of 30,000 emails

Giuliani cites former Army Gen. and CIA Director David Petraeus, who was forced to resign his office, fined $100,000 and placed on probation for two years for mishandling classified information…can someone say “double standard”!

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