Boston Commons is the site of the latest major free speech protests following the chaos consuming the nation after Charlottesville. Tons of people showed up to the free speech rally to protest their right to speak their mind, but once again Antifa thugs had different plans.

It's being reported that the entire rally has since been shut down following violence incited by Antifa members that showed up at the rally.

Now social media and the internet are erupting with reactions and videos of the violence incited by the Antifa militants.

Among these videos, one video is spreading like wildfire of an Antifa thug ambushing an elderly woman proudly holding an American flag.

The thug grabs the flag and then runs but the elderly patriot won't let go, eventually, the thug pulls the woman to the ground before running away like the coward he is.

Take a look at the video below:

The past few days Trump has been chastised for talking about the violence on both sides, this is exactly what he was talking about but the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge this.

What do you think about the real violence that the Antifa thugs continue to create across our nation?

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