Today, Trump supporters everywhere are being attacked for 'propagating hate,' 'inciting violence,' and 'discriminating against people with different views,' when, in reality, it is Trump fans and proud conservatives that are discriminated against and ostracized by social justice warriors and even the mainstream media and 'moderates' in our country.

The state of the union is that of chaos and division and while the left continues to search for people to blame and punish for this division, when they could easily look inward, they only strengthen the lines in the sand and further divide our country with real hate rhetoric, violence, and chaos.

One proud Trump supporter has had enough and just taught a group of Antifa thugs and raging liberals the truth that they are so quick to dismiss. His point is absolutely brilliant and it's something the entire country and even the world needs to understand if they want to see us come together again.

"People shouldn't be afraid."

Those four words spoken proudly by this brave conservative say it all.

A recent video shows this man walking through a crowd of liberal protesters while wearing a Trump hat. The angry mob continues to harass and verbally abuse the man, even crossing the line into physical attacks and robbing the man of his hat.

That's when he dropped a bit of wisdom that brought them to their knees.

Take a look at the video below:

This is a lesson everyone needs to learn, especially the liberal maniacs creating anarchy in the streets.

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