No doubt this should be extremely troubling regardless of one's political views regarding a history teacher proclaiming that Trump memorabilia is akin to Neo-Nazi regalia.

Obviously, anyone within that environment of teaching students who suggests there’s a link between President Trump and Neo-Nazi’s shouldn’t be anywhere near a classroom, let alone teaching a history course.

The troubling brief video clip once again captures an educator attempting to purposely mislead and falsely indoctrinate students by linking historical events with her own inaccurate progressive dogma.

The incident captures a high school teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Ga., telling her students, “You cannot wear a swastika to school … you cannot wear ‘Make America Great Again’ like that.” The overt implication is clear, in that the teacher is attempting to link President Trump with the Neo-Nazis.

The teacher continues saying; “Please go, at least for this class,” then adds “I don’t care what you do in other classes.” The exclusive video was obtained by TPUSA, and according to Turning Point USA who obtained the video on Saturday, the teacher went on to exclaim that pro-Trump shirts fall into the same category as swastikas and Neo-Nazi slogans.

Moreover, this extremely troubling trend is fast becoming a national issue, in that much like the national media, who propagate “fake news”, today’s educators are doing the exact same thing by creating a false narrative within the classroom. And much like the those legislators who come in the dead of night to obliterate our nations history, our nations educators are purposely misleading students into thinking that our democratic process of free and open elections has somehow become tainted and that a campaign slogan of “Make America Great” is somehow considered within the same realm of Nazi propaganda.

No doubt the mainstream media, along with the progressive establishment including academia still can’t seem to wrap their collective heads that almost 70-million voters went to the polls and freely exercised their Constitutional right and voted for Donald Trump. One would imagine that a history teacher would welcome the landmark event, in which more individuals came out to cast their vote.

Do you think students should refrain wearing controversial clothing in school?

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