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As the overwrought supporters of Hillary Clinton refuse to accept the results of a legitimate election, crying in videos, hiding in campus “safe spaces” provided by overly-indulgent universities, and rioting and vandalizing businesses in U.S. cities, one man went a step too far.

Frederick Roeber, 48, raised a Nazi flag over his San Francisco home as what he termed “a protest” against the election of Donald Trump, apparently unaware that his neighbor is the grand-daughter of Holocaust survivors.

The neighbor, Francine Miller, wasted no time in crossing the street and confronting Roeber about the offensive symbol of true hatred.

Postings on Facebook and other social media have compared the president-elect to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, who presided over extermination of over six million Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and other groups, as well as the handicapped and anyone deemed “undesirable,” in what he intended as “the final solution” in his quest to create a super-race.

The hyperbole required to equate a billionaire businessman from Queens, New York with a deranged architect of a genocide defies rational thought, but Roeber told his neighbor that he compares Trump to the fascist leader of Italy – and ally of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini.

After the confrontation, Roeber lowered the swastika flag and replaced it with the “gay pride” rainbow flag.


Do you think this moronic Trump hater is completely confused?

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