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There’s a reason why many within the mainstream media and especially on network TV, get extremely nervous when they book best-selling author and conservative political pundit Ann Coulter to speak about the racial issues facing America today, is perhaps in their desire to counter Coulter’s overwhelming fact based data concerning the “black experience,” which obviously sets a lot of other things into motion, considering Coulter is a milk-white lady with long blond hair.

Moreover her buzz saw response can pretty much unnerve the best of progressive hosts, however in this go around Coulter had a comrade in one Sean Hannity, who played a few video clips of First Lady Michelle Obama playing the race card during a commencement speech.

Coulter as is her trademark, wasted little time in exposing Michelle as the hypocrite she is, and taking particular aim at affirmative action, which has destroyed the incentive for countless African-American to succeed and compete with a Capitalist society.

However Coulter was finished, in fact she was just warming up saying: “Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow, I think we’ve — we’re making it up now, when you’re getting admitted to Princeton when you can’t read, is that enough yet?”

She continued dropping the hammer; “This nonsense about the peaceful protesters. No, I want a milk carton for, ‘Has anyone seen a peaceful protester in Baltimore?’ As if work-a-day blacks are rushing out to protest Freddie Gray. No they aren’t.”

Then she moved on to perhaps the most taboo topic of all, the destruction of the family unit and the illegitimate birth rate within the African-American community, which stands at over 70% compared to before LBJ’s “war on poverty” program, which stood at just 20%.

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