The folks over at The Washington Free Beacon have created a series of hilarious videos, compiling the various teleprompter flubs and stumbles from Al Sharpton's MSNBC show.

This isn't an issue of a broken or malfunctioning teleprompter, Sharpton just has issues with the English language and getting the words to come out of his mouth the same way he sees them with his eyes. Take a look at the video evidence and be ready to laugh out loud:

Video 1 "Resist We Much"

Video 2 "The Thigh Military"

Video 3 "Counter-Tourism"

Funny, right? Keep in mind, this is someone who the left looks up to. Reverend Al can barely get a coherent sentence out, yet people flock to him to be their mouthpiece.

The fact that he even has a TV show says something about how desperate the left must be for talking heads, but Al's unintentionally hilarious messed up dialogs are the only reason to watch.

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h/t The Washington Free Beacon



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