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This has been a year of surprising accomplishments for Donald Trump as the president-elect not only defeated a group of 17 experienced Republican challengers for the party’s nomination, but won a stunning and unexpected victory in November spending a mere fraction of what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were able to raise all while battling the mainstream media.

Along the way, Trump overcame the so-called “Never Trumpers,” including established party leaders like 2012 nominee Gov. Mitt Romney, the on-again-off-again “support” of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI), spurious allegations about sexual assaults and the cohesive and coordinated opposition of the Hollywood/SNL entertainment industry.

But now Trump has earned a rebuke of which he can truly be proud, as Al Sharpton has declared they will never be “allies.”

Sharpton told the New York NBC affiliate that Trump called him “out of nowhere,” acknowledged that the two “don’t really get along,” but added that he believes Sharpton “understands” him.

The controversial 62-year-old activist has become a trusted advisor to the Obama White House despite a long history of involvement with racially motivated hoaxes and riots, as well as a tax debt of $4.5 million.

Calling the president-elect’s cabinet picks – which include Dr. Ben Carson, an African-American, “disastrous,” Sharpton said the choices are “sending people the wrong message,” although he didn’t say what he felt the “right” message would be.

Sharpton said of the president-elect, “I don’t think we will be working with him, but I think we can work on him setting a climate where he’s going to have to make certain decisions that he may end up on the right side if we force it.”

There’s little evidence so far that Trump, who has held meetings with NFL Hall of Famer and civil rights activist, Jim Brown, and rapper Kanye West, is particularly phased by Sharpton’s rejection or vulnerable to efforts to force him to do… anything he does not want to do.


Do you think Al Sharpton has made racial tension far worse in America with his divisive rhetoric all while making a handsome profit?

Tell us what you think of Rev. Al in the comment section below.

Source: NBC

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