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If you were lucky enough to be in front of a TV screen when the news hit the airwaves of the FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco, then you may have had a ringside seat to the universal meltdown across the entire spectrum of both cable news and network broadcast TV, which immediately went into free-fall moments after hearing the news.

Perhaps the most obvious was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who went into a tailspin upon hearing the news as tears began welling up and then almost broke down on the air, and was visibly in emotional turmoil as she attempted to come to grips with what had just taken place.

Obviously Maddow’s wasn’t the only host caught by surprise, over at CNN, the funereal wake was also in full gear, perhaps more so in that Hillary Clinton enjoys a special relationship and around the clock support from almost everyone at the “Clinton News Network.”

The bombshell announcement by the FBI Director came after thousands of additional emails were uncovered on the “shared electronic devices” of child pervert Anthony Weiner and Clinton’s top aide Huma Mahmood Abedin.

However what isn’t clear is why this device wasn’t turned over during the initial investigation, which raises additional questions as to how this investigation was conducted, and if getting to the truth was actually the FBI’s goal?


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