While president Obama and the liberal establishment continue their war on law-abiding gun owners, the unabridged carnage continues by marauding thugs that have all been but ignored by the mainstream media and of course the progressive elite.

This time a 51-year-old, white homeless man was beaten to death by a group of black women and teenagers that created hardly a ripple of news coverage, in the town of “brotherly love.”

The incident began in Philadelphia where a ten-year boy lied to his mother, Aleathea Gillard, saying he had been struck by a homeless man in explaining why he was late getting home.

However rather than calling authorities and acting like adults, this mom decided on inflicting a little “vigilante justice” and loaded up her mini van with young thugs between the ages of 12 and 14, and drove down to the gas station where the victim, Robert Barnes was standing outside of a Sunoco station where he was a regular and pumped gas for tips.

Within moments and in full view of the a security camera the victim is attacked by the group of thugs, beating him to the ground and striking him repeatedly with a hammer, fists, and then stomping him to death.

And yet this brutal incident was largely ignored by the media.

Of course by the progressive and civil right elite within the city of “brotherly love”…perhaps the Obama Administration would be better advised to monitor all hardware stores within the inner cities, rather than attempting to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Do you think the media purposefully engages in race baiting by exaggerating white on black crime while ignoring black on white crime?

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