WARNING: Violent behavior and strong language contained in video. Viewer discretion is advised.

Bullying or in school harassment for any reason is unacceptable, but when it turns into outright menacing and following around another student with the intent of provoking a fight, you would hope some school administrators or some other adult in charge would step in and defuse the issue. Well that was not the case here. As you can see, a wannabe "thug" follows a fellow student around accusing him of "talking white", as if that would be some kind of problem. Well for the "thug" it was a problem, because the other student in question happens to be black. The bullying here goes beyond just simple harassment and into outright culture shaming, trying to make the teen feel inferior or week for not talking broken english 'street' vernacular.

Well, the tough talking "thug" probably wasn't expecting the tide to turn so fast. In an instant the "talking white" teen gives the "thug" exactly what he wants, dropping him to the floor and making short work of him. It seems, at least for a moment, like it's over. An adult comes in from off camera and it looks like that will be the end of it. But the "thug" probably doesn't like the fact that he looks like a huge fool in front of the crowd he built up and goes for round two. Things go about as well for him as they did in the first round. The tape ends, but let's hope the "thug" thinks twice before he accuses any other black teens of "talking white".

Is fighting back acceptable when it comes to a bully? Would you encourage your child to fight back or take other actions. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

h/t LiveLeak

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