Employees at customer service counters hear all kinds of reasons for returns – items that are too big, too small, the right size but the wrong color, but a Walmart employee was recently surprised to learn she was dealing with stolen merchandise.

And not just any stolen merchandise – these were items that had been shoplifted from the same store.

Police in the town of Lincolnton, about an hour northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina, were called to the Walmart by the store manager when it became obvious a customer was trying to return stolen goods.

Kimberly Fuller McCabe, 44, was waiting in line to receive the cash refund she had requested for 67 items, oblivious to the call and was still waiting when the police arrived.

McCabe, who was on probation for prior convictions for felony larceny, was taken into custody and charged with attempted felony obtaining property by false pretense.

Although Walmart didn’t comment on the incident, it may be that McCabe failed to think through her plan and aroused suspicion by presenting a vast array of goods for return.

Normally, returns consist of a few like items, but the extraordinarily large number of things McCabe presented for a cash refund couldn’t help but scream out for a customer service employee to push the under-counter button for the manager.

The variety of items was the dead giveaway – underwear, staplers, notebooks, magazines and medical supplies were among the stolen goods.

“There was no rhyme or reason,” said one of the arresting officers.

“It was as if someone had randomly filled up a cart.”

McCabe is being held on $10,000 bond.

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Source: WBTV

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