Walmart is really starting to get on the nerves of conservative Americans.

We don’t decry the company for engaging in competitive business practices, or for making that dirty five-letter word—profit.

The thing that is getting on our nerves is how Walmart is beginning to treat America. Take, for example, the story put forth by Lee Young. Mr.

Young is no longer a regular Walmart customer and it is due to the discriminatory treatment of one of their employees, and one of America’s heroes.

Val is an elderly Veteran, who used to wear his Veteran ball cap, decorated with his military pins, of which he is very proud. During a trip into the store, Mr.  Young noticed Val was sporting the standard issue Walmart blue ball cap in lieu of his personal cap.

Val informed Young that he was violating the company dress code and was no longer allowed to wear his cap.

On a recent trip in, Mr. Young saw a Muslim employee, wrapped in a head scarf, and he blew a fuse. He took to social media and ripped into the corporation for disallowing someone, who put their life on the line, to wear their pin-decorated ball cap, but a Muslim woman can sport her Hijab.

You can read Mr. Young’s tirade here and rest assured you will come to same sentiment as he, and it involves Walmart puckering up.

share if this bothers you as much as it did me........Okemos, MichiganIt's long but I promise it's worth the read....

Posted by Lee Young on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Source: Mad World News


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