Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Scott Walker, in keeping with his very own Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, is very outspoken when it comes to the cop-killing and anti-law enforcement movement on the rise across our nation.

Walker went so far as to say our very own President, Barack Black Lives Matter Panderer Obama, has some onus of blame when it comes to the recent spate of violence against law enforcement. He pretty much says that our president is derelict and useless, but in a more refined manner of speech;

Obama is demonstrating a “lack of leadership” and that is not helping matters any. Walker said,

“We need a president who first and foremost says that law enforcement professionals across this country are doing the job.”

Good luck with that. We are gonna have to wait until November of 2016 before we, hopefully, find one.

He also said that we need the police to keep us all safe, and that the cops need to know we have their backs, but with respect to Obama, “…he has been silent on this and that’s an outrage.”

Yes, it is. Obama is too busy right now hosting the Muslim kid who built a clock mistaken for a potential bomb, and speaking at high schools, to be bothered with addressing his job-that being upholding the Constitution of the United States and protecting the health and welfare of the American people from enemies foreign AND domestic-like the anti-police crowd.

Governor Walker is spot on. Each and every one of the presidential candidates should be addressing this situation, alongside the myriad of others, and holding the president’s feet to the fire for once in his nearly 8 years in office.

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